Congrats Roost!

Posted by Debra | February 2, 2015

For Westminster, working with up and coming companies with great ideas is one of our sweet spots. We love to help develop their brand and prepare them for events. Roost for example, created a smart battery for your smoke alarm that connects to your smart phone to give you immediate alerts when your smoke alarm activates.

Roost presented their unique product at International CES 2015 and was chosen as the “Best in Home Tech” device! Whoo hoo!!!

“Everything in our homes is becoming “smart.” From the most mundane of items to the highest end televisions, our homes are more connected than ever before. Roost is offering a different take on the smart home with its connected battery. We have seen smart smoke detectors over the years, but it has been hard to justify their price, especially for getting one in every room…. “—- J. Luis

Westminster worked on the battery packaging, trade show booth, table cover, promotional gifts, and printed handouts to help prepare Roost for International CES. We couldn’t be happier to see Roost and their brilliant device get some well-deserved attention.

To see Roost highlighted at International CES 2015 please see video HERE.

To visit and learn more about Roost please visit HERE.

Les Kyono

"On numerous occasions we needed Westminster's help to get something created and delivered at the last minute. Every time Westminster delivered, even if that meant the owner had to personally pick up and deliver the items to us."