Design Trends Mirror Economy

Posted by Amanda | November 20, 2012

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This Fall, Westminster’s Creative Services team participated in a group discussion regarding the design trends of 2012. Although the initial goal was to keep our team current in the world of design in general, it appears that the world of design is also a reflection of the world at large. When designing for our clients in 2012 and in observing what other folks were doing, we noticed a trend in some of the key words used to describe their logo needs. Many of our clients wanted their logo to reflect some of the following: Growth, optimism, humanity, pure, flexibility, choice, soft, strength, bond, whimsical, beginning, global, technology, strength, and change. How does that manifest itself visually? Read on to review logo examples that mimic this year’s trends which include…

Icon Clusters

Transparent Links


Potato Chip


Selective Focus




Sphere Carving



Arc Twists

Cousin Series

Swooshy People

Les Kyono

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