Easy Bein’ Green

Posted by Lalia | April 20, 2012

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We here at Westminster strive every day to make sure we’re being kind to the environment. With a great recycling program in place, energy efficient lighting, the use of sites like Print Friendly, and a variety of other practices we’re working hard to reduce our waste.

With the world at large becoming more eco conscious than ever, it’s a great time to encourage ‘green’ and sustainable methods in your work place and in your life!

We’ve worked with many of our clients to come up with some great Eco-friendly alternatives for their workplace including reusable drinkware instead of foam and paper cups, handy totebags to distribute at trade shows and keep for at-home use, even notebooks and pens made of recycled and biodegradable materials.

Here are some links to Green alternatives for some of our specialties!

April’s Six Pack full of our favorite eco-friendly items:

Print Alternatives
Eco-friendly Promotional Items

Some other great local resources for you to check out!

Bay Area Green Business Program
Chamber of Commerce Mountain View, Green Business University
National Green Pages

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