Eco-Friendly Print Approaches

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Have a project you need to bring to life? After Westminster designs it, your project goes to print and your vision becomes reality. We work with wonderful printers and you’ll be glad to know that they are doing their part when it comes to the environment.

Here’s how our printers are eco-friendly:

Eco-Friendly Print Approaches They use vegetable or water based inks. Unused inks are recycled.
Eco-Friendly Print Approaches Recycled papers are used. Most common are 10%, 30%, and 100% PCW.
Eco-Friendly Print Approaches For larger items like signage and banners; poly cotton, poly satin, canvas and flag materials are eco-friendly.
Eco-Friendly Print Approaches Poster boards and foam boards are recyclable.
Eco-Friendly Print Approaches Production waste like paper, card board and plastic are also recycled.

You can feel good about your printing choices with Westminster and know that you are treating the earth a little better at the same time.

Patti Lee-Hoffmann

"Prepared to be BLOWN AWAY with their creativity, enthusiasm, problem solving and delivery -- on the promise date! I received much, much more service than I expected and, in return, they earned my evangelical loyalty."