How-To Guide: How To Throw a Great Summer Event

Posted by Lalia | June 5, 2012

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A successful event is often one filled with the small, thoughtful details that come with careful planning, consideration of your audience and creativity. Westminster is quite keen on these “Three C’s” and can help your merge your ideas with design, printing and promotional items to make a great impression!

Start with an event theme and if possible, create a unique identity to be used to unify said theme throughout the various party activities. For example, our mustachioed Westminster logo did a great job, but it can also be a cute color scheme! Party hosts can even consider wearing all matching colored or logo’d shirts so that guests know who to ask if they have questions or who to praise for the great time they’re having!

(Pro Tip: If your location is a little tricky, consider creating and posting directional signage)

Next – consider having stations or designated areas for food, drinks, games, party favors, even a little reception area. You can carry your logo or color scheme through your plates, cups, napkins and little signs:

In addition to providing shade and comfortable spaces for guests to mingle, consider providing name tags and have a fun little game or activity for your guests to participate in.

We had our own version of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ using darts and a foam core sign. We also offered our guests these inexpensive stick-on mustaches to lighten the mood (which made for great photo ops!)

We also had a guessing game where the winner won a store bought prize with a cute custom tag!

Of course music is also very important:

Once your guests have had their fill of refreshments and entertainment, send them off with a little memento to remind them of what a great time they had. Something useful with staying power is the most preferable; however edible items are also usually a hit. In the case of our Fiesta, we passed out both nice nickel finished bottle openers but also these custom hot sauces baring our party theme and custom messaging on the label!

Finally, make sure to collect their email addresses to send them their pictures from the event or make business cards directing them the site where they can view all of the event photos. (A great opportunity to promote your social media sites!)

When all is done, your guests will have had a great time! They’ll feel appreciated and be anxious to see what you’ve got in store next time. Success!

Patti Lee-Hoffmann

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