Instagram Refresher Tips

Here are a few refresher tips to get the most out of using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Use Hashtags

This is a huge way for users to find you through mobile Instagram searches.

  1. Be specific with your #’s. Include your company name, specific event, campaign name, etc.
  2. On the flip side, also use some general #’s.
  3. Use trending #’s. These come and go quickly but use them to allow more people to see your post.
  4. Involve your fans and followers by doing an Instagram hashtag contest.

Spotlight your customers/clients

  1. Share follower photos via Facebook or Twitter. This shows clients how much you appreciate them.
  2. Like and comment on your client’s posts. Engage with your clients.
  3. Respond to comments especially if there are questions and if there are positive or negative comments.

Involve some strategy

  1. Ask for comments and opinions.
  2. Use questions to get people talking about your business or product. Create a unique hashtag so clients can see what others are saying.
  3. Ask for photo captions from followers. Take an interesting image and ask followers to have fun coming up with a caption. Entice your followers with a photo caption contest.

Some cool Instagram tools to check out

Here’s a small sampling of tools that give an in-depth view of how your Instagram is doing and to make your life easier.

  1. Iconosquare – Web based management tool good for analyzing and managing your account.
  2. Latergramme, TakeOff – Plan and schedule your posts so you can spread out your posts.
  3. INK361 – Discover new followers, connect with industry relevant companies, organize using albums, analysis of your impact.
  4. Over – This is a fun one! Use this tool to add text and artwork to photos.

Get the creative juices flowing and enhance your Instagram world. Go out and explore the wild frontier of social media land. In the meantime, make your Instagram just that much more of a tool to market your company!

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Jessica Applegreen

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