It's Time For HTTPS

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The fact that Google made HTTPS a SEO ranking signal validates it as a necessary element for you to consider… today.

Earlier this year, we received a lot of questions about how Chrome will show secure and non-secure websites in the address bar after Google sent out a memo about it. Rightfully so, they value security and want to actively push security standard for their users.

So what is HTTPS?

HTTPS is a secure protocol you upgrade your server to by purchasing a SSL certificate that will allow encryption for the user when they send data that is decrypted on the server end. This upgrade is typically offered by most web hosts soon after sign up as part of the service or with an additional fee.For our clients, we would include this as part of the setup process when producing the website.

Practical Reasons For Upgrading

  • SEO Benefit
  • Security
  • Building Trust
  • SEO Benefits

Google Search looks at a secure site as a premium source because it values the effort from the administrators in making a better website. It translates to a search ranking indicator and for the owners of the website — a better SERP ranking. Owners of websites that depend on SERP traffic would benefit greatly.


HTTPS is more secure than status quo options. It encrypts data being sent by the user and it is decrypted by the server. It is magnitudes more difficult for any malicious behavior to occur.
Building Trust

The most popular websites on the web have moved to HTTPS. End-users of the website probably don’t realize or understand what is happening but subconsciously, they will recognize the same patterns of what they see on trusted websites versus yours. If your website is geared towards making transactions, building that trust will be beneficial in the long run.

What to look out for?

  • HTTPS Challenges
  • Cost difference
  • Value for purpose

HTTPS Challenges

Since the default protocol is HTTP, HTTPS represents the change and so your developers will have to be aware there are certain situations to watch out for. Most common is that you cannot have HTTPS mixed with non secure HTTP callbacks. It must all be HTTPS for it to work.

Cost Difference

For companies that benefit most from HTTPS, the actual cost is minor. With premium web host vendors it can be a standard part of the package and others will charge a yearly fee of up to a $100.

Value for Purpose

As important as we believe HTTPS is, the smaller the website you have — the less important it is. If your website has volume traffic and plays a big role in actionable behavior, HTTPS is important and is a great value during the year of operation. A website that serves a niche audience and has more trivial intentions, the value may not be worth the effort.

Next Steps

If you have worked with us before, it’s as easy as setting up a meeting with us and we can talk through your options and guide you to your individualized course of action. Including doing the actual production steps necessary to perform the transition to HTTPS.

New website projects of course can be set up with HTTPS from the start. Please contact us to get your project started and we can talk about all the bells and whistles required to make your new website be productive for your company.

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