Posted by Lalia | July 31, 2013

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As a firm who prides ourselves on being the extension of our clients marketing teams, what’s the secret? What have we experienced that works, what doesn’t? What insight does Westminster have that can maybe help your company succeed? A few quick tips that we’ve found bring success…


Ever tried to do a million things at once and wonder why none of them succeeded? Take on what is realistic for you to manage. If you don’t have time to track the results, you shouldn’t have time to concept it. For example, why start a diet if you haven’t weighed yourself? Come on people, its bikini season!


Don’t ask yourself what you’re selling, ask yourself why. Why do I believe in this product or service, and how do I communicate that message to my audience? Apple is a perfect example of this concept. Do you see them trying to sell computers? No, they sell simplicity. Think about it. Packaging, commercials, ads, their logo… simplistic.


Ensure your boss not only supports your efforts, but that they also financially support it. Having a budget in place, goals in mind, and your boss’ approval – GOLDEN! The best campaigns don’t require a ton of money, but they do require everyone’s support and alignment.

Where do we get some of our inspiration and knowledge? For fun, here are some books and websites we’ve been frequenting…

Books being read by Westminster peeps:

Accidental Creative

Marketing in the Round

New Rules of Marketing & PR

Ogilvy on Advertising

Start With Why

Favorite blogs and websites:

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