Project Spotlight - Cisco Data Virtualization Day

Posted by Debra | October 31, 2014

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About Cisco Data Virtualization Day

Data virtualization provides you with the information you need to quickly adapt to fast-changing business conditions. It can help you overcome the difficult challenges associated with distributed, on-premises big data and cloud environments. What you learn during the event is:

  • Why Big Data, the Cloud and the Internet of Everything are transforming business and IT?
  • How is data virtualization advancing to meet these opportunities?
  • What new data virtualization-based solutions are on the horizon?
  • Who is achieving significant business outcomes today?

PowerPoint Template

Signage Template

Email Template

Mobile App Banner

Signage Template

Patti Lee-Hoffmann

"Prepared to be BLOWN AWAY with their creativity, enthusiasm, problem solving and delivery -- on the promise date! I received much, much more service than I expected and, in return, they earned my evangelical loyalty."