Project Spotlight - LinkedIn GSK 2014 Shirts

Posted by Debra | February 26, 2014

Client Name

LinkedIn GSK

What Services did Westminster Provide

  • Design
  • Print
  • Promotions

About LinkedIn GSK

The LinkedIn GSK (Global Sales Kickoff) is a yearly event usually held in San Francisco. This fun and unique event gathers LinkedIn employees to start the year off right and encourages teams to represent themselves in any way possible. Keeping in line with the LinkedIn feel the employees had some really fun designs this year usually pulled from pop culture, inside jokes, or a cleaver twist on words. Here are a few of the very many shirts we produced.

GSK Shirts

Les Kyono

"On numerous occasions we needed Westminster's help to get something created and delivered at the last minute. Every time Westminster delivered, even if that meant the owner had to personally pick up and deliver the items to us."