Project Spotlight - LinkedIn GSK Award

Posted by Debra | February 25, 2015

Client’s Name:


What Services did Westminster Provide:

  • Conceptual Brainstorming
  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Assembly
  • Project Management

About Creating the LinkedIn GSK Award:

The idea that a glamorous design needs all the bells and whistles to be innovative, impactful or different is largely mistaken. To get the same effect you can dramatically dress down a design to highlight beautiful paper, typography or printing techniques. The issue with this may be that people feel like they aren’t getting what they paid for. To a designer in any profession, getting back to basics is always a nice breath of fresh air.

LinkedIn came to us requesting 500 award announcements that had to be impactful, with a high-end look and feel, and at the same time be easy enough to make last minute edits to. We went through ideas of unique die cuts, folds, illustrations etc. until I saw an example of a beautifully design invite. What made it beautiful was the paper. That shiny, mirror reflective, impactful paper! With many variables at play we all decided to ditch the die-cuts and unique folds because when you’re up on stage announcing an award people tend to be nervous and the less confusing the better.

Keeping true to LinkedIn’s brand guidelines and letting the gold paper be the star, we came up with an end product we all really liked.

LinkedIn Award Examples:

Christine Rose

"Flawless support of Sales Kickoff! From the giveaways, to digital signage, to handouts, to awards… all was exactly as requested."