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Palo Alto Networks

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Visual Design


Branded Merchandise



About Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks security platform protects your digital
way of life, by preventing known (and unknown) threats across the network,
cloud, and endpoints. Their platform delivers a prevention architecture that
provides superior security at a lower cost. Their platform has four major
components that enable successful cyberattack prevention. Those components are;
Natively integrated technologies, Automated delivery of protection,
Extensibility and flexibility, as well as Threat intelligent sharing. These
components allow the delivery of protection mechanisms, that work against new
threats to the network, cloud and endpoint environments.

About the HR Kit

Every quarter Palo Alto Networks will hand this out to their
new employees, as their HR Kit. This kit includes a custom designed drawstring
bag, ear buds + case, journal + pen, power bank charger, water bottle and a
tech blade! For more information on how your company can start an HR/New-Hire
Program, please contact:

Palo Alto Networks

Jessica White

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