Six Pack - January 2013

Posted by Lalia | January 31, 2013

1. Hot and Cold

The Soleil 16 oz. double walled tumbler reveals your own custom design when filled with hot liquid. It features a biodegradable acrylic shell and spill proof lid that has push action open and close functionality. This uniquely designed beverage container is bound to get customers talking about such an unconventional gift. A great way to promote travel agencies, schools and research centers.This item is BPA free.

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2. Two-fer! It’s a case and a keyboard

The Gorilla Bluetooth Keyboard features an aluminum design that’s compatible with the iPad2 & iPad3. The large, flat base allows for use on either a soft or uneven surface for added convenience. It includes built-in special function keys for music and volume control, slide shows, plus “home” and “search” capability. It’s power charged by a USB and has a card slot for additional memory storage. Great for incentive programs and fundraisers too!

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3. Sweet Relief

Small, portable and powered by usb makes it perfect for home, office or travel, vaporizes a large amount of water mist instantly when plugged in, on/off switch for a soothing blue light that beautifully illuminates the water level, dial for adjusting the volume of mist, auto shutoff when water runs out, one water refill can last up to 4 hours

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4. Gloves

For workin’ out, geekin’ out, or just to look “Rocky chic” – these fun fingerless gloves make for great giveaways that won’t become throwaways. 7 gauge 100% Acrylic seamless knit fingerless gloves. Available in a full spectrum of shades and colors, these gloves are an excellent choice for countless applications – everything from general labor, to cold weather protection, to fashion and retail. Able to be customized with PVC palm pattern and logos.

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5. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For the ladies traveling on Spring Break, that need a cute cosmetics case (includes brush holders inside). Microfiber Travel Kit.

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6. Solar Charger for iPhone / iPod

WORKS FOR iPHONE / iPod. If your apple device depletes its battery early in the day then this is a “must have” accessory for you. You plug the handy, light weight , portable iPHONE BATTERY CHARGER into the input port of the phone and you get a rapid total recharge. WIRE FREE. Great powered rechargeable backup battery for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a small lightweight Lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged from solar power. This solar backup battery pack plugs directly to iPhone. It can also be charged from computer via the Apple/USB cord, from 110v Apple USB charging cord, from any 12v Apple compatible car charger.

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Christine Rose

"Flawless support of Sales Kickoff! From the giveaways, to digital signage, to handouts, to awards… all was exactly as requested."