Six Pack - July 2013

Posted by Lalia | July 13, 2013

1. DigiClean Promo

Need a flat mail promotion with endless cheeky cleanliness taglines? Check out this peel, clean and re-stick microfiber screen cleaner for your phone. Brand this useful tool to be with your audience at all times.

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2. Bottle Openers

Promoting a restaurant grand opening or event? Notify your friends with this flat mail bottle opener. She’s sturdy, durable, and fits in a wallet or purse. Convenient!

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3. Credit Card Flash Drive

Deliver a presentation, collateral, and a device your client can use. Check out this slim credit card sized flash drive with 2GB of memory for your next campaign mailer.

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4. 5 in 1 Toolkit

MacGyver mailer! Who doesn’t need one of those? Check out this refined tool kit with a flashlight, magnifying glass, pen, screwdriver, and book light.

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5. Magnifier

Zoom in on some important campaign messaging with this 3x power magnifier for your next mailer!

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6. Bookmark

Pair this light up LED bookmark with a gift, book launch, or unique campaign for an inexpensive but useful mailer.

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Les Kyono

"On numerous occasions we needed Westminster's help to get something created and delivered at the last minute. Every time Westminster delivered, even if that meant the owner had to personally pick up and deliver the items to us."