Six Pack - May 2012

Posted by Lalia | June 1, 2012

1. Mark-Me Bands

Add this silicone grip to your cup for your next meeting. Take notes, drink coffee and never lose your pen!

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2. Custom Shades

Everyone knows that he golden rule of advertising is to place your message where it will be seen the most. What better location than directly on your customer’s face!

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3. USB Pen

The Ink USB Memory Pen offers the perfect convergence between the USB Flash Drive and the ballpoint pen by offering style, comfort during use and excellent branding potential.

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4. h2go omega

Discover pure refreshment with this amazing 3 stage filtering system that reduces up to 99.99% of contaminants. And the coolest thing – It’s all in the straw!!

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5. Magnetic Ear Bud Organizer

Ideal for at the gym or on the go! This cool little ear bud organizer attached magnetically to your clothing to keep cords in place. Genius!

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6. Pro-Weave Beachcomber Bag

Soft, washed striped 80% cotton/20% polyester sweatshirt fleece. Fully lined. Drawstring closure and heavyweight cotton knit strap. Size: 16” x 15”. Perfect for a day at the beach!

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