The Dev Toolbox: Useful ExpressionEngine Plugins

ExpressionEngine comes with almost everything you need to create a CMS with a customized backend, but throughout development we’ve found a few plugins that help us customize EE for a client’s needs.

Check out some of the great tools we use to customize a client’s site when we need to expand EE’s already awesome installation!

Wygwam »

EE’s rich text editor provides basic but crucial text editing tools, but when we need more functionality we turn to Wygwam, a plugin that allows us to better tailor the default EE text editor to our client’s needs.

Used in: PneumRx

Tag »

Solspace’s Tag plugin gives EE the ability to better categorize entries; it allows you to not only tag entries as well as give viewers the ability to look at lists of entries with the same tags. Tag also displays suggested and top tags for content writers for faster searching.

Used in: Westminster Promotions blog, PneumRx

Nolan »

Sometimes EE’s Grid features aren’t enough and we have to take the Grid on step further… cue Nolan! Nolan is a powerful plugin that expands EE’s grid function, giving us the ability to create a grid within Grid. We can create things like lists of download links and their titles under a given category and complex agendas with lots of anchor linking.

Used in: Informatica Tradeshows

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