The Great Outdoors

Posted by Lalia | March 15, 2013

Spring is about to, well… spring! And with the change in weather comes a whole new crop of exciting products specially designed for fun in the sun.

Now is the time to start to think about all of those summer picnics, group outings, team building exercises and occasions where you can proudly sport your brand.

In honor of the upcoming Spring season, we’ve written a little poem a la Dr. Suess:

Put your branding on a chair or even sport it in your hair!
You can display it on your face or even in a three-legged race!
Take it with you to the beach – everywhere you look that gorgeous logo within reach…
Even on a water bottle – really, there’s no need to doddle.
So what is it you’re waiting for? Contact Westminster and check out all the great stuff you can score!

And with that, we invite you to feast your eyes on the merch below. Don’t forget to check out even more in this month’s SIX PACK!

Two Head(phone)s are better than one! Earphone Splitter

Know when to fold ‘em: Fold-Up Baseball Hats

This little light of mine… Garrity® Lantern Flashlight

Stay Cool! Neet Cooler Trunk Organizer

Pull up a chair!

You are My Sunshine – Solar Power Speakers

Eight mesh cup holders on this foldable party table!

Patti Lee-Hoffmann

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