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In today’s fast paced world, your brand needs to be simple and your logo needs to have impact. We all know that. Yet despite this largely digital landscape, businesses are striving to stay connected to consumers, sometimes the old fashioned way.

The same attitude that inspired hipster work boots, inspire words like handmade and artisanal. Whether it’s a handwritten font or a custom gift, we’re all looking for that extra something that evokes a real person is behind the work. Want a custom lego award? No problem.


Small businesses are reshaping the global economy. Here at Westminster we’re lucky to be a part of that! Think Etsy, DIY culture and more human-centered design campaigns.

There’s a new cultural shift influencing the consumer mind-set. People care about individuality, creativity and resourcefulness. Brands that reflect this sort of spirit are the brands that consumers are willing to support. Craft is held at higher importance, and culture and personality are focal points of many of today’s successful brands.

Even big brands like J Crew are trying to relate to their customers by creating a more intimate shopping experience. They started a specialty shop in Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan that re-purposes an old liquor store into a new specialty mens clothing shop. They kept the old neon sign from the original liquor store, as well as the antique bar, and chose to incorporating those elements of culture and history of the neighborhood into the store. They even use old-timey tags to display pricing.


It’s no surprise that clean lines, sharp and crisp fonts are in the forefront. With less time to make a larger impact, simplicity is key. Campaigns with a strong stand alone image, or type only design work!

Take a look at Bruce Mau’s new branding campaign for Canada.

We all know it’s not all about the neatness and appearance of your logo. Branding is more than just a label or a name. In a way, the more simple your logo is, the stronger the message has to be. Your marketing tactics and business practices have to speak volumes about your Brand. We live in an age where communication is instantaneous and word of mouth (or tweet) is a powerful tool.

Your brand is your connection with consumers, and while your logo might be the first thing they see and needs to be impactful, they’ve probably already heard about you elsewhere, or heard about a similar brand, or read a million Yelp reviews before coming to you.


You’re probably reading this on your phone right now. Cool new gadgets for your phone, slim new one page websites to view, and converting those old dusty brochures to online viewing tools. Whatever device you use at work or at home, outfit it with its own custom gear to show a little love.

Let us make things fast an easy for you. We know you’ve got to get your message out with one link and one click. Let us condense all of your collateral into a one page layout for your next marketing venture. Let’s make everything viewable online as well as printable. Let’s give all the pages on your site the ability to go-mobile so you can bust out that thing you were talking about at your next business outing.

Simplifying will make it easier to get to the point. Whether you’re on computer or on your phone. It should be easy to see what an awesome service you provide by effortlessly floating through your site. Your fans will appreciate it too!


You thought being cool was reserved for just high school. Wrong! Companies are bringing the hip to the corporate world with light up shirts, hoodies, and sunglasses. Inspire your team to be creative and have company pride, or encourage promotion of your company’s social media. Best get hip if you want people to pay attention.

Give the gift of classic American Apparel hoodies that everyone will love, or go retro with cool varsity style jackets. For the geek squad, who can never have enough flashdrives, get one with your logo on it. Or for a fun gift item, customize your own portable sound systems.

If you want to do something more seasonal this summer, make sure everyone is equipped with the right tools to have fun, like custom gear for camping, barbequing and picnicking. Got fitness freaks and health nuts in your office? How about custom yoga mats or bicycling jerseys that sport your latest marketing campaign?

Whatever your style, we’ve got the swagger to help you carry company pride in a hip way.

Les Kyono

"On numerous occasions we needed Westminster's help to get something created and delivered at the last minute. Every time Westminster delivered, even if that meant the owner had to personally pick up and deliver the items to us."