What’s Your Story, Debra Valdez?

Posted by Debra | September 25, 2012


Debra Valdez - Graphic Designer



When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be: A whole lot of things but these are the main ones. Veterinarian, tattoo artist, helicopter pilot, marine biologist and sniper. Yes, a sniper. For some reason I thought it was cool.

I went to college at: Art Institute of San Francisco

My Motto is: Do what makes YOU happy and forget the rest.

Westminster is great because: They allow us to grow as designers.

The best advice anyone ever gave me was: Don’t compare yourself to anybody else (this doesn’t always work).

I am successful in my career because: I’m competitive by nature and while people think it’s a bad thing that’s what makes me strive to do better.

My best source of creative inspiration is: Other designers, people are so creative and seeing what they come up with is inspiring.

The coolest new thing Westminster offers is: Packaging! While this is a new area of design for us we’re always ready to do the best. I have a passion for packaging design and hope to do more.

On my days off, you will find me: With my dog, Presley (cutest darn Chihuahua in the west), with friends or family. Sometimes all at once at a flea market or antique market.

The song that describes me best would be: Bad Reputation by Joan Jett & The Blackheart

You might be surprised to know that I: went to a summer jazz class and had to perform a saxophone solo… I hate jazz.

My favorite websites are:

Design Sponge
Caesar’s Way
Life with Dogs
The Hundreds

My favorite TV shows are: Mob Wives, Modern Family, Dog Whisperer, Fashion Police, Housewives of New Jersey, Nail Files, Mad Men, Happy Endings, Good Morning America plus way more… I love TV and am not afraid to admit it!

Christine Rose

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