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Royal Box : Fall 2020

You have been handpicked to receive this season’s exclusive Royal Box. Included are trending customizable promotional items available for order.

1. H2go Bali Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and healthy with this 18 oz borosilicate glass bottle and protective silicone sleeve.

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2. Bento Box

Fashionable design meets a traditional bento box for a refreshed take on your healthy personalized to-go lunch.

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3. Crumbee Desktop Vacuum

A clean office = a clean mind. Effortlessly suck up debris from your desktop, keyboard, and more!

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4. HealthyHands Kit

You can have a clean conscience with this boutique soap that donates soap to a person in need with every kit purchased!

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5. PPE Masks

Wear your PPE but make it FUN! Soft and silly, these masks are sure to spark a smile.

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