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Capella Systems

Capella Systems strives to be the market leader in designing simple, yet powerful, software-based transcoding and streaming video production tools that help customers succeed today and evolve along with advances in video technology.

Westminster partnered with Capella Systems to develop a website that will not only tell their company story but also be a practical marketing solution.

Quote Icon We really enjoyed working with Westminster for redesigning our website. They took their time to understand about our company and mission, which helped to create a website that is a true representation of who we are. This was a big project for us to take on during Covid pandemic, however, Westminster made the whole process smooth and easy for us. They were very responsive and always available to answer any questions. We look forward to working with them on more projects in the future. — Ikuyo Yamada, CEO/Founder, Capella Systems

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Throughout the website are user interface elements that help capture the audience’s attention so that they engage more with the content and explore the website. Whether it is a parallax scrolling effect, slideshow, dynamic content — it is all meant to delight users while helping them find what they are looking for.

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The type of products offered have a deep feature list and technical capabilities that the audience needs to know. Carefully considering the placement of where data is located is a conscious part of the design and testing process.

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Ease of Use

Website elements crucial to the sales process are made as effortless as possible to attain. A variety of Call to Action (CTA) buttons leading to contact forms and product demos are clear and present on each product page.