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2020 Vision

The one constant in creating websites is that you are perpetually attempting to keep up with the latest and greatest. Whether it be technology, programming, or creativity — we strive to be always moving forward. In 2019, we put that thinking in action and you can read about it right here.

Westminster Promotions

Looking at ourselves and how we have evolved as a company recently, we knew we were due for a relaunch of our own. Our goal was to communicate a concise message and let our work do the talking. It’s easier to say now that we finished but it was quite an internal exercise for our longterm team to redefine what we are. Pages to note are Our Work, News, and What We Do.

SPARK Program

Remember all those research articles we come across that seemingly touts an amazing scientific discovery? What ever happened to that miracle cure or critical advancement? Well, the SPARK Program was created to turn laboratory research into actual patient care. This international non-profit came to us for help in consolidating their web presence and telling their story to a global audience while achiveving goals. Pages to note are Partnering and Business Opportunities, News and Current Projects.

Unity International Group

After a merger, a company’s marketing needs can go in many directions. For Unity IG, they required a relaunch based on a co-brand we also helped them with. Our goal was to communicate that Unity is still the same great company but now with the resources of being an Engie company. Pages of note are Success Stories and theBlog.

Stanford Labs

Stanford Medical has been coming to us for nearly a decade to create lab websites to help promote their researching professors. This year was no different as we launched three lab websites for them. Each lab site is designed to be consistent yet distinct while achieving individual functional and administrative requirements.

Do you have a project that has a web component to it? We design and program websites, landing pages, emails, and most types of new media marketing. Contact if you have any questions about working with Westminster!