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Brief Intro into Annual Reports

An annual report is a comprehensive,once a year report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. This piece of communication gives the audience important information about your organization. Some of those audiences are:

  • Stakeholder/Shareholders
  • Employees
  • Potential Employees
  • Industry Colleagues and Competitors
  • General Public

Annual reports are important to many companies to not only fulfill a legal requirement but it can also tremendously help your branding and better explain what you might do.

Readers will pick out sections that are most important to them whether it is your mission statement, company culture, success’ or business practices. Your annual report is an opportunity not only to talk about your brand but highlight the best parts of your company.

Visuals help play a role in keeping the audience stimulated and make it easier to understand data. Create charts, graphics, infographics, icons or brainstorm new, creative ways to send your message.

Think of the annual report as an opportunity to visually tell your company’s story. What should your story look like for this year? What is your history and what do you predict the future to be? Now that you have a general idea of the contents, Westminster is here to help. Westminster provides all services from start to finish; concept development, basic photography, illustrations, layout, printing, and bulk mailing services.