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Brochures: Say Goodbye to Vanilla!

What comes to mind when you think “brochures”? Typically, a trifold or an 8.5” x 11” booklet, right?

Break out of that box and bring your brochures to another level. There are many ways to stand out. Try a different size. Make it small! Make it big! There are production techniques, pretty papers, and fun & unique inks waiting to be used to distinguish yourself among the piles and piles of stuff.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going, let’s start off with one of Westminster’s projects:

1. A window to reveal what’s inside

We used a die-cut window to invite the reader in. The warm glow in the windows beckons us which worked nicely with the brochure window. This is one of many production techniques that will help you stand out. Additional techniques include emboss, high gloss varnish, foil stamp,letterpress, etc…

2. Why do tri-fold when you can do many folds?

This allows for each panel to showcase a point you really want to drive home and panels can be have more visual impact with full imagery.

3. Break the rules. Have smaller pages within the brochure.

This could be an interesting way to call out information like a client case study or if you wanted to highlight a product.

4. Staples? That’s so yesterday. There are other ways to keep the pages together.

Some common binding techniques include spiral wire, case bound, perfect bind, etc… You can get creative and even hand sew the pages together!

5. Unexpected folds

To add another dimension to your piece, fold the cover in a way that reveals something you want to be seen. Who says folds have to follow rules? If it works, why not fold it?

The possibilities are endless! Invite your readers in. Brochures can be fun and exciting. Need a brochure? We’ll add the sprinkles and cherry on top of your project.