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Building A Brand

Branding: the fun part of creating a company! How will your company look, sound, and feel? What colors will be used? What about icons? These are the really exciting elements of a brand, but too many clients stop at just having a logo. Branding entails more than a logo. Think about stationery, social media, photography, watermarks, iconography, typography, printing, etc. Considering all of these elements can become overwhelming. Featured is a company we have identified that has successfully executed all elements of its brand, staying true to its voice.

Jungalow is a home decor, apparel, and stationery brand (to say the least) that started as a blog turned, lifestyle by Justina Blakeney. You might have first seen her stuff at Target. Its organic, bohemian, fun, and earthy with its bright colors and intricate patterns. You can tell Justina has a passion for creativity, art, and design that not only exist in her products but also in her overall branding.

“Our goal is to help you tap into your own creativity and to help bring good vibes home.”

Logo, Colors, and Typography Oh My!

Nowadays just one logo is soooo passé! Kidding, but in reality, we’ve noticed the trend of having a few layout options of your main logo so it can fit in a variety of settings. The introduction of social media has created the need for multiple logos. Depending on the substrate you can choose a vertical or horizontal logo, a more detailed, or even a monogram version of your logo. Just think of the possibilities! Below are three versions of the Jungalow logo, some more detailed using different shapes but they all have the same look.

Colors can also give an insight into what your company does or what the general feel is supposed to be. For example, the majority of tech-based companies have blue, or blue as their main color. That common use of color builds familiarity and plays on your subconscious that you trust a company or not just from it being commonplace. Jungalow has an earthy palette giving you the idea that it’s bohemian/hippie in combination with the art deco illustration and typography choice.

Social Media

With the introduction of social media and platforms offering up a tool for a company to promote itself, we also must consider how we sound. Is your voice formal, business, female, or young? With those answers in mind, you then start to cultivate photography to help establish what you sell and to whom. Jungalow has a wide range of products but what I mostly see them as is home décor. Their Instagram is a perfect example of how they’ve extended they’re branding to include icons and photography style.

This is just the top of what I believe each company should consider when building its brand. Naturally, you’ll find what works best and can continue to make changes but also make sure what you are doing goes back to what your company represents and what your “voice” sounds like. If you’d like help with your brand, including logo, social assets, merchandise, or website please reach out to Amanda Ray at Westminster Promotions.