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In the era of Covid-19 businesses large and small have had to get creative with their service offerings and customer outreach. As a turn-key health and fitness company that brings wellness direct to the workplace, FitPros has successfully integrated a safe shelter place program into its extensive list of service offerings. This COVID safe program now allows for their clients' to deliver comprehensive care packages promoting health and wellness direct to their employees in the comfort of their own homes. We've been tasked with assisting in this ongoing program starting with the ideation process, on to the curation of various wellness items, and ending with the execution on distribution and fulfillment direct to the customer.

Our Role

Item Ideation
Package Design
Kitting Services
Direct Distribution
Branded Merchandise
Vendor Management


From the start of shelter in place, we knew that fulfillment and direct distribution was going to be a major service offering for most of our clientele. So when FitPros came to us with their idea for an ongoing custom care package program we were thrilled to help.

Each care package includes an activity option from one of their 5 wellness pillars:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Social Engagement
  • Emotional Health
  • Financial Fitness
  • Professional Development

The idea is that employees will receive a series of wellness packages designed to engage your mind and body with the focus being around one of the 5 pillars listed above. As you can imagine this requires a wide variety of products in order to establish a distinct difference between each care package.

The Westminster team has taken on curating various relevant branded items for this program such as exercise bands and stress balls as well as organizing incoming products to keep customers and employees engaged and connected like hint water, zen garden growing kits, and helpful wellness tip sheets.

Every program has the opportunity for complete customization from the brand messaging on the box to the branding of the unique contents within. We manage this production process while coordinating with our fulfillment team to create an efficient distribution schedule for each client who has sought to take part in FitPros’ new and unique service offering that focuses on holistic health and community engagement.

In the absence of real-time interaction and amid a pandemic where we’re heavily reliant on digital communication, FitPros has created a successful way for companies to still prioritize their employees’ health and wellness goals. Now more than ever it is so important to prioritize the importance of mental and physical health. We are so proud to champion and facilitate this program offered by FitPros that helps put the focus back on health and social engagement during such an unprecedented time.

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