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Rubrik is the market leader in Cloud Data Management, owning the world's first platform to orchestrate data for hybrid cloud enterprises anytime, anywhere. Their platform has revolutionized ransomware recovery by simplifying backup and recovery across hybrid cloud environments through hardware consolidation. Their support can be delivered across a broad range of traditional, modern, and next-gen applications. From ideation to curation, we were tasked with creating a complete partner program designed to highlight and give recognition to current Rubrik partners who have adopted the modern platform.

Our Role

Item Ideation
Branded Merchandise
Package Design
Kitting Services


As creators we loved every aspect of this project from start to finish — the opportunity to materialize a client’s vision and deliver and distribute accordingly is an area we always excel. Expert experience and knowledge of the promotional space was used to determine what items would best communicate the level of appreciation that Rubrik has for their new and existing program partners. We landed on the following: special order branded partner jacket and vest, two Rubrik mugs for personal use, and a plaque commemorating each program partnership.

In our experience, we know that in a project like this, the contents of the package being received are just as important as the presentation of how it is delivered. Knowing this we created a fully customized shipper box with the Rubrik signature branding.

Each box was hand kitted with every recipient’s specific sizing and a personalized note for distribution. The final step for this project was to drop ship distribution to each and every recipient, 55 partners in total. Leaving all the logistics to our team, Rubrik was able to focus on customer outreach and client appreciation.