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How-To Guide Gift Giving

It’s that time of year again. The time when the leaves change colors, soup sounds surprisingly more delicious and we start thinking about ways to show our love and gratitude towards those special folks in our lives. And of course, the most special people of all are… (say it with me) our clients. How can we show them how much they truly mean to us? You can give Grandma a framed glamour shot of ourselves and give our best friends those DIY Gift Certificates that are good for an “awesome night out – my treat!”. But what constitutes the right gift for that super awesome client?

Well, Westminster is here to help you answer that question with this series of helpful tips. And remember, if you need more help, you can always call or email us. After all YOU are those super awesome clients to us. And boy do we love you.

1. Think Practical

Yes, free stuff is always awesome, but free stuff that’s actually useful? That’s where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck. Items that people actually keep around for the rest of the year, or sometimes even the rest of the decade, keep your thoughtfulness and your brand in their peripheral at all times. Talk about positive re-enforcement!

In addition to being practical with the usefulness of your gift, make sure that you’re also thinking practically when it comes to your budget. Even if you can’t afford to give a high end gift, you can still give a lovely gift by offering a discount on your products or services. And a nice card to present your gesture of good will would be a great way to give something tangible whilst still being kind to yourself and your budget.

2. Know the Rules

Before you spend mega bucks on gifts for your clients, make sure that you check out their corporate policies. Many companies and government offices have limitations when it comes to the dollar values of the gifts they can receive. Be sure to check with your recipients to make sure you’re not going to be breaking the rules or the bank.

3. Be Considerate

In addition to being sensitive to cultural differences, it’s also a really nice touch to add hand written cards or notes to your gifts. It lets your client know that they’re important enough for you to take the time to personally thank them and it’s a great opportunity to make a lasting impression. And if you can, always deliver your gift in person! Face time is becoming a rare commodity these days, so take this opportunity to meet with your client and reinforce your relationship.

4. Packaging Counts!

Although we always advocate green and eco friendly options to reduce waste, what you’re putting your gift IN is almost just as important as the gift itself! Remember that first impressions count for a lot, so get them excited about what you’re giving them by being just as thoughtful when it comes to your wrapping. Be it a fancy envelope or a lovely basket, we promise that it will help increase the value of your sentiment.