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Maintain Outreach Amidst Conference Cancellations

Conferences have become a primary resource for how we create new connections and share our inventions with the world. With the Coronavirus now reaching the United States, many of these conferences are being cancelled. Marketing teams spend months preparing for such conferences and now must pivot quickly and efficiently to maintain some level of market growth in an uncertain economy. To assist, Westminster has identified a few key ways this can be accomplished.

Digital Engagement

Technology advancements over the years allow individuals the opportunity to connect in many ways online. Various avenues for communication are still available for marketers to explore. Virtual tradeshow events, event microsites, email marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, etc. Depending on the goal of your previously scheduled conference a strategic plan can be devised by your Westminster team to help you deliver that message to your consumer.

Outreach Campaigns
Direct mail campaigns may appear as the most obvious way to reach your consumer in today’s climate. However, it is important to note that many offices have transitioned to temporary work from home environments to limit exposure. Direct mail campaigns are effective, but only if you can reach your audience, so be selective and detailed in your mailing list. Boxed kits are also a great way to reach your consumer and provide an opportunity to experience your product, service, or brand. Organizations extending preventative or job enhancing products to employees have been a nice gesture we’ve seen.

There’s no question that Amazon will see a large increase as individuals limit their exposure to the general public and increase their order of goods online. An online store is another way to assist you and your staff in the management of brand assets and inventory while perhaps remote.

The effects of the coronavirus have been devastating. Our hope is that these few small solutions may help spark ideas that will carry your team through this phase. Westminster will continue to supply updates and ideas in the days that follow. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries: