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The Wonders of eCommerce

In prior weeks an online store could almost classify as a convenience. In today’s world, it approaches a near necessity. Businesses of all scale must adapt to providing goods and services with little to no contact amidst the recent shelter orders. Online stores provide the flexibility for remote orders that are accessible 24/7/365. With no geographic limitations, organizations can reach any audience at any time. Here we’ll outline a few ways an online store can be your resource for today and tomorrow.

Sales Enablement Store

Does your marketing team require products on-hand, ready to be shipped?

  • Establish a process and location for sales teams to obtain and leverage available sales assets.
  • Leverage group buying power to purchase branded merchandise at lower unit costs.
  • Offer immediate print on demand services for approved collateral with manager approvals.
  • Develop branded partner kits to streamline the adoption process.
Event Management Store

Has your company run an event schedule and needs logistical help?

  • A single location to house all event critical items such as signage, merchandise, and collateral.
  • Establish real-time inventory awareness with low-inventory alerts and reports on top sellers.
  • Easily manage returned inventory from cancelled events and optimize for future needs.
  • Facilitate personalized event kits to attendees to continue post-event outreach.
Virtual Retail Store

Is your company seeking a retail presence online or have a special project?

  • An online store solution to which you can market and sell a single item, or a large volume.
  • Professional product photography, custom payment options, and real-time shipping rates.
  • Custom packaging ensuring a comprehensive brand experience.
  • Think BIG! Sell a product, gift cards, services, online to-go food orders, etc.
Give Back Store

Will your company have plans for giving back to the community?

  • Acquire donations for events, organizations, or causes unique to your organization.
  • Build a custom workflow to route donations to unique programs as required.
  • Provide acknowledgement of donations through custom thank you cards.
Human Resources Store

Could a store streamline your response time to internal events?

  • Create and distribute branded New Hire Kits to welcome new team members.
  • Assemble and organize commonly used assets for employee training and onboarding.
  • Identify an employee recognition program with merchandise available for immediate use.
  • Prepare exclusive kits based on economic times such as stay well kits or work from home kits.

Keep in mind there are endless possibilities to utilize and customize your online store. If you have no online store but are ready to jump start one, contact us and our experienced team will help you navigate to get your online store up and running.