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Top Box Kit Themes

Let’s be honest. One more email, and one more Zoom meeting isn’t what we’re looking for. A well designed, beautiful package with lots of goodies stored inside is always welcomed! Which is why, in this new era we’re in, direct mail has re-emerged as the #1 marketing tool. These engagement opportunities offer a unique chance to be creative and connect with your customers, AND they welcome it! In the next year 79% of revenue leaders are planning to use direct mail strategies. Westminster provides a unique creative approach to these projects, and we hope you’ll enjoy a few of our ideas below to get you started.


Key Services

  • Packaging: Fully custom boxes, tissue paper, inserts, stickers, merchandise, and more!
  • Merchandise: Product selections with your goal, audience, budget, and timeline in mind.
  • Flexible Budget: Fully customized high-end piece to budget-friendly options with a creative spin.
  • Sustainable: Recycled, reusable, give back components, we’ve got it all!
  • Fulfillment: Web services available to securely collect data for hassle-free fulfillment and distribution.

Outdoor Theme

Getting outside has never been more important as it is now. A walk outside, gardening, or even a quick workout outside can help with that locked-in feeling. Here are some great product collections:

Tech Theme

Give back to your valued employees and clients by making sure they have all of the latest tech gadgets to adapt to their current work environment.

Foodie Theme

Celebrate a birthday, work anniversary or accomplishment with a nice treat!

Event Theme

Bring your event experience to the audience with products they can use during a virtual event.

Wellness Theme

After a long day, enjoy a box full of wellness gifts to stretch out an unwind.

New Hire Theme

Introduce and prepare a new employee with branded merchandise.

Add On’s

To top off any box you can also add on some crinkle paper or tissue paper to protect items inside the box and create custom tape or ribbon as a finishing touch on the outside.

For more information on how to get started on some snazzy new kits, please contact Amanda Ray at