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Top Product Picks: Returning to Work PPE

Welcome your staff back to the office with branded personal protection equipment (PPE) they’ll need!!

1. Grab & Go PPE Kit

Perfect carry-all to move throughout your day while keeping all the essentials by your side.

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2. Reusable Face Mask

Made of 2 layers of material. 100% cotton outer layer, 96% polyester/4% spandex inner layer.

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3. Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack

One hand sanitizer to keep at home or the office and the other for on-the-go.

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4. Headband with Buttons

This helps alleviate ear soreness due to wearing a face mask for long periods of time.

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5. Return to Work PPE

Return to work kit has a face mask, 1 oz hand sanitizer, hygiene guide, tissue pack and gloves.

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6. Touch Tool

Keep your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs.

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7. Pocket Spray Bottle

Reusable pocket 15oz Spray Bottle helps to make cleaning fun and convenient.

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8. Thermometer

Quick response sample rate 1-2s, fahrenheit or celsius. Fever alarm with temperature setting.

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9. Desk Humidifier

Produces a mist to replenish moisture in dry areas and connects directly to any USB port.

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