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Stanford Chemical Systems & Biology

The Department of Chemical and Systems Biology at Stanford Medical explores the molecular mechanisms that underlie cellular function and contribute to human disease. The objective for the department site was to organize the content in a way that supported objectives and streamlined ongoing updates. Various lab websites were also developed to support their individual objectives.

The CSB Department partnered with Westminster to create a website that can serve their audience of students, prospective students, faculty, and the research community at large. Users can browse labs, lab rosters, department news and events as well as just learn about the department.

Stanford Medicine | Chemical & Systems Biology

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The Faculty

One of the most important parts of the website are for the students to learn about the faculty and decide which lab they want to join. We designed a page where the faculty can be easily explored.

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The Students

There are lot of researchers in the lab and so there are two pages that help the audience find who is studying where. There is even an alumni page to archive all the people who have come through the department.

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The Research

Most importantly, all the research of the department that has been published is archived in this handy searchable database.